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This is just a run down of some of the equipment i have got.its all in A1 condition and Serviced yearly.You may see items you like or dislike,When booking surround Sounds you can state your Likes and dislikes and have a say what lights, Laser etc you would like to see at you Venue.We at Surround Sounds have enough equipment to do 3 large Mobile Discos on 1 night

Martin ego 3
Fantastic effective 250 watt light

The egolution continues with the ego 03, a unique, 250-watt deco effect that projects a psychedelic swarm of swirling colors.
Identical in appearance to brothers 01 and 02, ego 03 is nevertheless a completely new and unique individual. Based on a kaleidoscopic system of revolving mirrors, its swarm of swirling colors leaves dancers entranced.

martin ego 1
Excellent 250 watt light

Ego 01 is a razor sharp flower effect with original gobos designed to add uniqueness to the DJ light show. It heads a new series that comes with significant improvements in every area: features, control, optics, durability, handling and design.
The cool, composite design houses a powerful 250-watt, 1000-hour halogen lamp for superlative optics, and a precise focus adjustment enables super crisp projections. Cool new gobos and innovative image effects combine to make the ego series truly unique.

Another feature is the ego’s ‘behavior tuning’ that allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the effect reacts to music in trig mode – relaxed, intermediate or quick. Egos operate in either auto or music trig mode with adjustable gobo and rotation speeds.
A convenient handle and lens protection ring make for easy transport and handling, and a remote control is also available.

Led 3 x 2 metre Curtains
RGB LED Vision Curtain The LED curtain that everybody is talking about! 3 x2 metre – RGB (7 colour changing) LED Video effects Curtain DMX with Animation This amazing NEW RGB Animation Star Curtain displays animation/graphic effects

•LED video curtain (RGB) P20 – (P20 means 20cm pitch between each SMD full colour LED)
•Voltage: AC 90V~260V/50HZ
•LCD screen in the controller
•Control System
•Stand Alone / DMXControl / Sound Active / Automatic
•30 programs inside SD card
•Color: RGB
•Lamp: LED RGB, 182 Pcs
•DMX Channels: 7
•Size adaptable as: 3m x 2m (or) 2m x 3m

LED Deskstand Curtain
ShowVision RGB LED Vision Graphic Curtain DMX 2 x 1m Deck Skirt is perfect for a 4ft disco stand, it has very bright LED’s and also has very good programming

This amazing NEW RGB Animation Star Curtain displays animation/graphic effects and takes little set up time, very easy to hang and can be used for touring, installation, events, displays, bands, DJ’s, clubs, presentations etc

There are 30 presets but can be easily programmed and controlled with the DMX controller

rcf art905as subwoofers
RCF ART 905AS is an extremely high output subwoofer with 1000W RMS Digital Amplification coupled to a high efficiency 15″ neodymium driver. 131dB

Are you looking for a deep and punchy bass in a small pack? The choice is easy: the rcf art 905-as subwoofer. It is an extremely compact and easy to transport high power active subwoofer, just a bit larger than the rcf 902-as in order to take the newly designed 15 inch neodymium woofer for a deeper bass punch. The cabinet is made in Baltic Birch and heavy duty painted.These go perfect with the rcf art 712a ative speakers

Rcf art 712a speakers
The brand new super powerful speakers

You need to amplify some speech, recorded music and finish the show with a live set?

ART 712-A is the answer: a multi purpose speaker that represents the best choice for situations in which a full frequency range with punchy bass and high defi nition is needed.
The ART 712-A is a very versatile speaker that can be easily used also for monitoring applications.
750 Watt Digipro digital amplifier
129 dB max spl
90 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn
12″ woofer, high power neodymium 3″ voice coil
1″ HF driver, titanium dome, neodymium 1.75″ voice coil
PFC power factor correction

jbl eon 15
Live sound reinforcement, speech, vocals, and music playback in entertainment, A/V, and institutional venues – especially when ease of use, audio quality and portability are important factors

The second generation of one of the most successful and influential professional speaker systems ever.

15 in Differential Drive® low-frequency driver with dual neodymium magnet for light weight and reduced distortion.

1 in (throat diameter) JBL compression driver with 1.75 in titanium diaphragm and ferro-fluid cooling.

300 W low-frequency and 100 W high-frequency (bi-amplified) – actual power delivered to the drivers.

Built in 3-input mixer. One balanced mic/line input, two .25 in phone line-level inputs. Two-band equalization.

Balanced loop-through/mix output. “Daisychain” additional EON speakers or send the mixed output to a mixing console.

60° x 90°(nominal) constant directivity horn.

Thermomaster® Total Thermal Management System®. A single piece, cast-aluminum baffle integrates the woofer frame,horn, in MIC position) and amplifier heat sink. Air movement in the finned ports dissipates heat – no internal or external cooling fans are required.

Rugged, light-weight, black co-polymer enclosure.

Integral 35 mm pole mount receptacle.

Multi-angle enclosure for front of house or stage monitor application.

Tailored dynamic processing protects amplifiers and speakers from being over-driven without producing extreme changes in frequency response as level varies.

Extended low-frequency performance delivers powerful bass down to 39 Hz.

Jbl eon
fantastic 10inch speaker,best around

The second generation of one of the most successful and influential professional speaker systems ever.

10 in Differential Drive® low frequency driver with neodymium magnet for light weight and reduced distortion.

1 in JBL compression driver with titanium diaphragm and ferro-fluid cooling.

125 W low-frequency and 50 W high frequency (bi-amplified) amplifiers – Actual power delivered to the drivers.

Three inputs. One balanced, mic/line selectable input and one dual-channel, .25 in TRS phone line-level input.

Balanced loop/mix output. “Daisy-chain” additional EON speakers or send the mixed output to a mixing console.

60°x 90°(nominal) constant directivity horn.

Thermomaster® Total Thermal Management System®. A single piece, cast-aluminum baffle integrates the woofer frame, horn, and amplifier heat sink. Air movement in the finned ports dissipates heat – no internal or external cooling fans are required.

Rugged, lightweight, black co-polymer enclosure.

Integral 35 mm pole mount receptacle with securing thumb screw.

Multi-angle enclosure for front of house or stage monitor application.

For more low-frequency power and performance, add the EONSUB G2

Pioneer DJM 3000 Mixer
One of the best Mixers on the market

Industry-first mixer that takes your music to the next level.
The DJM-3000 is equipped with an industry-first Effect Mix Mode that accurately effects phrases in a BPM-linked operation along with an improved auto beat effector.

In addition to ECHO and ZIP we have come up with another industry first effect that has been named “Roll”. This runs a mix while changing the pitch of the song up the chromatic scale to the beat of the music.

The Auto BPM Counter automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s BPM (measurement range: 70-139/91-180/70-180/ Manual ) allowing you to merge one song into another smoothly.

Beats and effects to the maximum
Tapping on the TAP button enables you to manually input BPMs of tracks that are difficult to measure. DJ’s can now see the music beat, making it faster and easier to mix tracks with different beats.

The DJM-3000 wide range of effects includes Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Pitch Shifter Reverb, Auto-Transform and Auto-Frequency Filter. All of which are auto BPM effectable.

Linked to BPM, the DJM-3000 can add effects to each input (CHANNEL, MIC and MASTER) independently. You can also perform quick setting with the BEAT UNIT SWITCH BUTTON, adjusting the precise time parameters, or controlling the balance between the effect sounds and the original sounds by varying the mix ratio.

Behringer VMX 1000 MIXER
One of the best around

Behringer VMX 1000, Behringer VMX1000,Among professional DJs, certain mixers emerge over time as must-have equipment, and the PRO MIXER VMX1000 is destined to face such fate. It’s a professional 7-channel rack-mount DJ mixer with a BPM counter that is predestined for professional clubbing with its wide-ranging connectivity options and intuitive layout.

Citronic mixer
A classic mobile dj mixer

A classic mixer the Citronic CDM10:4 has always been the choice of the working DJ, with a simple layout that is packed with all the features you need. The MKV version comes with connectivity through USB and an additional auxiliary input on the top panel for external sound sources such as MP3 player.

•4 channel, 17 inputs
•2 dedicated balanced mic channels with 3-band EQ
•Fully featured mic override facility for use with radio mics
•2 auxiliary mics on channels 1 and 2
•2 phono inputs switchable to line level inputs
•8 CD/Line inputs plus 2 switchable
•3.5mm aux input on top panel for external sound sources such as an MP3 player
•2 USB input/outputs on channels 3 and 4
•Fully assignable VCA crossfader
•Punch buttons
•Hotswap channel faders allow changing in seconds
•Individual gain control per channel
•3-Band EQ with total kill
•Fully assignable send and return
•10-Bar LED monitor display
•12V BNC light socket
•Booth output
•Balanced XLR and unbalanced phono outputs

Citronic dual cd player
good professional cd player

This high quality, well built dual CD player features clear green backlit LCD screens, pitch display, selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display. This is an ideal unit for a permanent fixture installation or a mobile

cd players
good professional dual cd player

American Audio DCD-PRO310 CD Player is a well built twin CD Player.


– professional dual cd player
– Fader Q-Start
– +10 track advance button
– Mechanical Anti Skip Protection
– Flip Flop (Relay Playback)
– Pitch Control (+/-4%, +/-8% or +/-16%)
– Pitch Bend
– S/PDIF digital output for each player
– Bright LCD display Single/Continue and Time viewing
– Reads CD and CD-R media

small light stand
these can be used as speaker stands as well

The Bulldog Lighting/Speaker Stand is a great multipurpose stand which can be used as a lighting or speaker stand

light stand
For medium to large venues

This Truss stand is ideal for mobile discos and is strong, yet lightweight and portable. The system comprises of 2 x T-bar stands with safety locking pins, which can be used on their own for smaller set-ups. Creating the trussing is a 3 metre wide ladder section which is used to span between the stands. The truss is supplied in 2 x 1.5 metre long sections for easy portability.You can fit around 20 lights and lasers to this light stand

light stand
Ideal for the smaller to medium venues

The ideal solution for setting up your mobile disco rig. This 120cm stand allows you to place flight cased C/D players/decks/mixers etc on top with an additional shelf underneath for amps and lighting controllers etc. A height adjustable lighting bar is pre-drilled for mounting effects and comes complete with fixing bolts and jointing spigot. The overhead bars carry a maximum weight of 40kg evenly distributed

led starcloth
These can be used instead of the lights screens above

A very clever solution to a common problem. The DJ Skirt is made for the 122cm deck stand system to hide all your wiring and add a professional image to your set-up. This black curtain has 50 LED’s that flash and flicker to the beat of the music. As its illumination source is LED it produces extremely sharp, brilliant points of light, yet they are much less costly than fiber optics, which were used in most light curtains in the past.

# System includes: – LED Curtain – Hanging tabs on 3 sides – Heavy duty carry bag – Controller
# Uses 50 ultra-bright white LED’s
# Fits neatly on to most 122cm stands
# Frontal support bar to support the cloth and make it crease free
# Light-weight and durable 2.2m x 1m cloth fitted with hanging tabs on 3 sides
# Chase controller features: All On, Sound Active & Chase modes; Music level sensitivity, Speed and built-in programs
# Fire retardant materia

Light screens
3 Feet x 2 Feet light screens

The Kaleidopanel Cross Double Spot is a compact version of the Kaleidopanel I with on top two rows of bulbs. It comes complete with a transport cover, in order to protect your Kaleidopanel during transportation. The Kaleidopanel Cross Double Spot has 16 sections and two rows, which are connected to four channels. Connections are on the backside and easy by a standard Bulgin connector. Ideal for decoration and mobile DJ’s
these work well with the large screens as above

Light screens
Powerful 4feet x 3 feet screens.4 bright colours

These go in front of the dj so your guests can not see all the wires which go to the speakers and other dj equipment.
There are 16 coloured 60watt bulbs in each screen,i can turn them down manually if to bright.The screens can do 32 different patterns and work well with my smaller screens below

Bubble Machines
Ideal for kids party or just for a bit of fun

Bubbles up they go in the air,all over the dance floor into the crowd

fogtec smoke machine
good with lights and lasers

The VS 800 fog machine provides the DJ with a jet of dense white fog to enhance their light show. Its fast heat-up time and extended operational period makes the VS 800 the clear leader in its class. The product features 800W heat exchanger, fast heat up time, 0.75 litre tank capacity, high smoke output and a hand-held remote control.


Smoke output: 4,000 cu.ft per minute
Warm up time: approx. 4 min
Tank capacity: 1L

soundlab vasto
Ideal for smaller venues

Great value lighting effects from Soundlab. The Vasto produces beams of coloured light that rotate in time with music with the sound to light controlled system. The unit features a 3 position toggle switch on the rear to allow the light to work sound to light, constant movement and static light

martin Destroyer
250 watts effect light-good in pairs

The Destroyer X250 is the ideal disco lighting effect

Produces a myriad of sound-activated turning beams in changing colors and patterns.
Including ‘flash’ effect for strobe-like animation and a motor driven ‘shake’ effect.

Unlike most fixtures of this type, the effects of the Destroyer are programmable from any standard DMX-512 controller, using a single or multichannel protocol.

Alternatively, the Destroyer can be directly triggered from a music source as stand-alone units.

In addition, the Destroyer can run several units in master/slave configuration.


Multiple rotating beams
12 pattern gobo wheel, 7 with color and 5 white
24 V/250 W halogen lamp
Dichroic colors
Adjustable focus
Sound-activated beam rotation and color/pattern change
Built-in microphone with automatic sensitivity adjustment
Multi or single channel DMX control
Master/slave configuration

UV Cannon 400w
Excellent to show white table cloths or clothing-glows in the dark

This high power UV Cannon will flood any venue with UV Light. Adjustable mounting bracket. Parabolic reflector with saftey grill. This unit emitts safe UV light also known as Black Light. Ideal for illuminating all those white table cloths at weddings.

Led Moving Message Board Displays
This can be used with the free text service i provide

High quality, bright professional indoor moving message displays, ideal for visual effects and graphics to highlight advertisements, slogans and special messages
Built-in programmable effects and graphics
7 type fonts
8 display speeds
8 user defined and 8 pre-defined graphics
30 pre-defined symbols
8 animations
24 types of display method
16 colour combinations on the multicolour versions

Strobe flashing light
Very powerful-Ideal for large venues

The Wildzap is a powerful strobe, equipped with a 1500 watt xenon lamp, producing intense and exciting white light. With up to 15 flashes per second this will bring the night-club atmosphere to your party or venue, this strobe light includes a heavy duty fixing bracket so can easily be installed in a venue or attached to a truss or t bar.

Soundlab scanners
Best in pairs

Each scanner is fitted with DMX control and features 13 gobos, 10 colours plus white, sound to light mode via built in microphone, auto mode, master slave, DMX protocol via 3 pin XLR for external control, 4 channe

American DJ Revo 4
Led Lights

256 total 5mm LEDs : 64 ged, 64 green, 64 blue and 64 white
Produces unique and exciting LED patterns
Great with or without fog
2 DMX channel modes (4 channel mode or 256 channel mode)
4 button LED DMX display
Linkable via XLR connections
Wide beam spread covers a large area
3 operation modes: DMX, sound active & master/slave
Strobe function
Runs cool with no duty cycles
Includes hanging bracket
In/Out IEC power connections to daisy-chain power

The American DJ Revo series continues to be a bestseller here at DJ Store and the Revo 4 shows they can keep on innovating. Featuring a massive 256 bright 5mm LEDs, the Revo 4 creates a dazzling, bright show impressive in any setup.

The Revo 4 can is perfect for DJs of any level. Full DMX compatibility ensures it can be fitted into any normal light show while the sound activated mode makes plug and play a piece of cake. It even looks the part in a stylish and strong chassis.

We expect the the Revo 4 is going to be a DJing staple for for many years to come.

LED tubes
Looks good when they all join together

A 1 metre white translucent plastic tube which is divided into six sections, each section is has several LED’s which give red, cyan, magenta, blue, yellow, green. The tube cycles through a random sequence illuminating each section in turn.

The multi-colour LED tube all the LED’s are evenly distributed along it’s length, so the whole tube changes colour in a set sequence.

The tubes have water resistant 2-pin plugs and sockets which enable joining up to 30 together

Fever LED light
Good Patterns on the Dance floor

The Equinox Fever features high-output 5mm LED’s that produce pin sharp beams of light to create a spectacular light show that outshines traditional halogen moonflowers. Fitted with a superior optical system, this fixture produces showers of moving beams in patterns that can be projected onto walls and dance floors. The rich, saturated colours far outshine those of conventional moonflowers. The Equinox Fever has five colours; red, green, blue, white and amber. The Fever has a LED display with 4 button operated menu control located on the rear of the unit. It allow the user to select the appropriate operating method, external DMX controller, sound-active via the internal microphone, master/slave or access the built-in programmes

QTX LS-X Pro rgy Laser
This laser fills the room wow!

Our ultimate laser, the LS-X PRO, is an effects laser with a difference. It combines the technology of the Angel laser with that of a cluster to produce stunning effects. The laser can be operated in pattern, cluster or a combination of both modes with the options of automatic and sound activated modes. Adding smoke or haze to this light effect will take it to the next level, making it a must have item for any nightclub or mobile DJ

Equinox Zodiac Laser
My favourite Lazer

This Exceptionally bright 60mW green laser uses high speed optical scanning stepper motors that create stunning animations. These animations are superb when projected onto walls without smoke. Additionally the Zodiac produces many laser patterns that are ideal with haze or fog. The high power DPSS green 60mW diode far outshines other comparable units, and the jaw dropping effects have to be seen to be believed. The Zodiac is an 12 channel DMX laser that is capable of operating in sound active, stand alone or DMX via the XLR sockets, the built-in microphone lets the Zodiac sequence through it’s programmes to the beat of the music. For more adventurous users, an ILDA socket is fitted for connection to any ILDA compatible software, so you can make full use of the units many features. Animations include amongst many others an elephant, running dinosaur and a flying bird. The patterns include circles, squares, waves and flat lines. Housed in a tough metal case the Zodiac is ideal for installation or ready to take the rigors of on the road use

kam cluster laser
Amazing laser effect

Now with Wireless Remote Control
100MW Red and 40MW Green Laser
200+ Red and Green Laser points
Creating animated patterns
70+ degree beam angle
Sound To Light Sensitivity control
5 Channel DMX Operation
Endless show creation possibilities
XLR DMX In & Out
Tough all metal chassis
Fan cooled

The impressive new Kam Star Cluster laser creates a really impressive new style effect – hundreds of tiny laser pins of light chase, move and change in time to the music, controlled via the supplied wireless remote control, or via a standard DMX lighting desk